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"The design of the diamond isn't just a shape, but a symbol of your benign love.
The carving of the diamonds of your engagement ring are made,
keeping in mind the brightness of your future together.
The cuts and curves in your diamond ring represents the cuts and curves of your endeavours together.
The brilliant resilience of your own diamond ring symbolises the resilience of your true love for each other."


When you take an oath to be together forever, we too take an oath to be there with you till eternity and that not even death can do us apart. Our craftsmen can identify with the meaning that you bestow upon the diamond ring, that appears to be ordinary ring to a normal eye. We understand the pains that you had taken to be able to afford your engagement ring, the symbol of your pious bond. The perfection in our designs is derived from the completeness in your pair. All our stupendous designs are so unique and remarkable because we get our inspiration from you.

What is it that makes the designs as unique as you are?

We begin with balancing the weight of the diamond in the engagement ring and the weight of the rest of the body of the ring so that it is not heavy yet it is big and glistening with your lovely wide smile when you look through it. In our diamond rings made of platinum and gold, the only difference is of the colour of the metal, rest both are minutely designed. We choose the best from the available designs in the market and then customise it ourselves  with feeling of love and affection.

We bring more uniqueness in our styles and designs by blending variety of styles, cuts and sometimes colours as well.

Precision in the rings is as much as the precision in your commitment to each other.

We bring into consideration even the most minute aspects of perfection. The more precisely they are cut, the more nearer to perfection they are. In order to check the precision, the following are a must check aspects.

  • ‌Polish

In order for a diamond with a polish grade of Excellent to Good, any polishing defects cannot be seen by a naked eye, and does not impact the diamond's overall appearance.

Poor is the polish grade that should be avoided regardless of the size or clarity of the diamond. No matter what the quality of the diamond is, the poor graded polish should be avoided come what may.


  • ‌Symmetry

The diamonds with a symmetry grade of Excellent to Good, generally, symmetry  is  not used as a primary factor in choosing a diamond.

Despite its modest impact on appearance, symmetry has a significant impact on price; a diamond with Excellent Symmetry and Polish may be priced 10%-15% higher than a diamond with Good Symmetry and Polish.

Because diamonds with Poor symmetry have defects visible to the naked eye, these diamonds must be avoided in all cases.


No compromise with the quality of your engagement ring, because you don't compromise with the ones you love the most.

To make sure that your engagement ring is special,  we make sure that the diamonds and metals are of the highest quality.  This makes it even more important for us to choose your diamonds in person with an expert  who can bring more than just the 4c’s of diamond quality.  When buying online, tou really risk getting a lesser quality diamond. The fact that they compromise with the quality of your diamond is why the prices are so less as compared to actual shops and jewelers. We cannot stand to compromise with the quality of your engagement ring that we give you because, at the end of the day, we stick to our words and when we swear to stay with you forever, we do it. To bring quality in our diamonds, we take the following things into consideration.

Let's Have look,

  • ‌First, the Clarity: The larger the diamond, the easier imperfections are to detect; therefore Clarity becomes more important. For diamonds over 2 carats, a clarity of somewhat high levels is required.In diamonds between 1 and 2 carats, clarity grades will not have inclusions easily visible to the naked eye. In diamonds under 1 carat, clarity can be considered the least important of the traditional 4 Cs.


  • ‌Next, the Color:

    The vast majority of untrained eyes are not able to distinguish a color grade from the one just above or below unless the diamonds are compared side by side in a very precisely controlled environment. Diamonds with more facets reflect more light, they tend to hide color better than other shapes. So, consider round, princess or other modified brilliant cuts over step cuts such as emerald or asscher if you are concerned about color.

  • ‌Finally, the Cut:

You can’t change the color or the clarity of the diamonds in your engagement ring as these characteristics are inherent when the diamond is mined, but the effect of both characteristics can be ruined by a poor cut. So, in order to make your engagement ring a suitable one, we take care of its cut with most precision.

Your Engagement ring must be compatible with every attire and must be comfortable for you to wear it all along so that even though your counter part is not there, you still can feel their presence.

To make your engagement ring adaptable enough for you to wear it all the time, it must have two most important properties, namely; Comfortable and versatility.


  • ‌Comfortable

    : Most important thing to consider is the durability of the engagement ring when making their ring choice, to ensure that is does not act as a deterrence in your work and its' shape minimise the risk that it will get damaged. Constantly removing your ring because you’re worried about it getting damaged makes it more likely that you’ll misplace it, so a practical engagement ring is one that is durable and that will fit in with your life. An engagement ring must be such that completes you, so whatever your career, your engagement ring choice can be important if you don’t want to have to remove your ring off every time you go to work. The right ring can even help you promote your professional image and enhance your aura.

  • ‌Versatility

    : Both, the design as well as the color of the engagement ring should be such that can suit all your collection of clothing, be it western or ethnic Indian. Your ring should basically make your entire attire unique and complete. So, see the thickness of the band, the color of the diamond, the cut of the diamond, the combination and shapes of the diamond , the diamond's size ratio with the band and most importantly, make sure that it fits. And now, you are good to go for a ring that you can identify with.


What we believe in is that your engagement ring reflects your identity and the bond and understanding that you share with your spouse. So, diamonds must be carefully crafted with the utmost precision same as the one with which Arjun pierced the target eye. Your engagement ring symbolises the engagement of two souls into one, so the engagement ring should be one of the most thought for of the decisions, because we understand that this is not an engagement of bodies, it is an engagement of souls till eternity. We understand that your bond with one another is as virtuous as the body in the particles of the diamonds in your ring.

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