Simple yet subtle tips to have your jewellery dazzle for generations!

Your jewellery is a symbol of your self worth and endurance. It signifies your ties with the one who gifted it to you. When you hold a set of jewellery that belonged to your beloved ancestors, you get a feeling of their eternal love that they enshrine upon you. Your jewellery is not just some precious material to you, but is a set of solicitude that you bare in your heart. 

Such a symbol of sentiments is more than precious to be lost to the wear and tear of time. We know that this is your family's patrimony. And so, all you want for it is to be cherished by the generations to come so that they too can feel the endearment of being valued. 

If that is your heart's deepest desire, you've landed at just the right place. We've enlisted some tactics and figures that might come in handy to help you preserve your jewellery. 

Simple Do's and Don'ts! 

While trying to figure out the ways to keep your jewellery safe, you must have scoured through a good lot of information. However, not everything you read must be followed. Here are some simple yet important things for you to keep in mind while dealing with your precious jewellery. 

  • Avoid leaving it in sunlight

The colour of gemstones will become dull when exposed to too much light.

  • Keep your jewellery dry and away from skincare

Don’t wear your jewellery then apply lotions, perfume or hairspray. Never wear silver jewellery when you go swimming or at the sauna.

  • Keep it away from wood

Avoid leaving your jewellery on chemically treated surfaces or on wood which can stain or speed up the tarnishing process.

  • Put your pieces on rotation

Jewellery isn’t meant to be worn 24/7, give it a break and show some love to other pieces of jewellery.

  • Do not use toothpaste

That home remedy is too abrasive and will damage your jewellery in the long run.

  • Keep gold jewellery separately from silver jewellery

Gold scratches easily, so keep them in individual soft cloth bags or the original boxes they came it.

  • Give your jewellery a no-soak treatment

For pearls and other porous stones, use a small makeup brush dipped in shampoo and water to clean. Use a damp cloth to wipe the pearl.

Basic tips to keep your jewellery clean to keep its beauty longer lasting. 

  • Keep a constant vigil on your jewellery.

Many times your jewellery gathers dust or dents and goes unnoticed. This way not only will it lose its beauty but also tarnish your eexalted memories. Sometimes, it also happens that you store your jewellery inside and don't really go through it too often. So, it's pretty important for you to take out your jewellery every once in a while and check it.

Take all of your jewellery out, all together at least once every 6 to 12 months. Go through them thoroughly and check every corner of it. Give special attention to the one's that are more precious, assess them objectively with precision. You might find them all in a dire need of a good spruce up. Specifically, the silver jewellery might appear to have oxidized, so get it all clean. 

What is a news of respite is that cleaning jewellery is not as pesky as you might think. In fact it's pretty darn easy. Further we have mentioned some of the ways that you could use. 
  • Don't squash it, just wash it! 

This method might turn out to be the festher in your cap. Although it is a duck's soup, it is just as lucid and potent as any other way.

All you need is some warm water and a 'not so harsh' liquid soap. Shack up all your jewellery and just give it a quick wash. Easily available soaps like hand soap, soaps made for woollen clothes will be just fine.

With the help of a cloth or a brush with smooth bristles, get all the muck out of cranny in the jewellery. 

Once you've got all of the dirt out, just pat it dry. 

  • Go ultrasonic! 

If you're not able to get the smit out of small crevices, probably it's time for you to get help from technology. Search for a place that can provide you cheaper ultrasonic cleaning services. All you have to do is just sit and follow the instructions.

You must know that ultrasonic may not exactly be able to get rid of all the tarnish. However, it will most definitely clean up all the dirt from the complex parts of crevices. 

  • Too much of anything is not good, not even Ultrasonic

The wonder that ultrasonic cleaning can be, it's not always that big a boon. Some precious jewellery like gemstones or pearls might faceadvrrse impact of it. That is why, it may be more wise to first be sure of which jewellery won't get damaged with this treatment.

Some jewellery loose their finishing or their glamour if this treatment doesn't suit them. That is why,  precaution is better than cure. 

  • Use a polishing cloth to get rid of the tarnish. 

Tarnishing is pretty common to jewellery. Silver jewellery is specifically susceptible to tarnish. In fact, several other metal may have an adverse reaction to the ultrasonic cleansing. This process is kind of usual. So, no need to panic. You can easily get the tarnish off the metals by simple cleaning.

If the tarnished jewellery was of a precious metal, use a polish that is specific to precious metals only.

Once you've got all the tarnish off your piece to your satisfaction, give it a rinse and get rid if the chemicals. 

  • Go for a silver dip! 

If your silver jewellery has accumulated too much tarnish and you want to get rid of it specifically, silver dip is just what you're looking for. Silver dip will get rid of the tarnish from your jewellery without many hassles. Silver chains can be specifically hard to deal with. It's as tedious too get the tarnish off of them, as it is to get a thumbs sucking child's thimb out of his mouth. It just cannot be dealt by a polishing cloth alone. So, your solution is silver dip!

Silver dip is very easy to fetch. You can just go to your nearest supermarket or shop and ask for it. It's a cake walk to get it . All you need to do is, look for a pharmacy or maybe a hardware shop, if not a supermarket.

However, you must not forget to follow the instructions written as it is. And remember to rinse it well and pat I dry after you're finished.


  • Silver dip is awesome, but not always!

If you have a very precious jewellery which doesn't blend well with the Silver dip, do not experiment! Just as it waswith ultrasonic cleaning, some jewellery loose their finishing or their glamour if this treatment doesn't suit them. That is why,  precaution is better than cure. So, it is always suggested that you first take a rain check on it and only if the sky is clear, go without an umbrella, else don't! There are plenty of other methods for you to follow.

  • Try not to use any harsh methods. 

Never ever use any old school methods like toothpaste or baking soda. They can be really hard on your jewellery. All you know is, they may even corrode it. Every time you use such harsh methods, you loose a tiny little amount of your metal. If you repeat it again and again, you'd end up with a  badly damaged piece of jewellery.

If you're using a polishing cloth, a brush or any other such equipment that you rub against your jewellery, don't! It can really deplete and damage your precious and delicate jewellery. It can even decolour your jewellery. Trust me, you don't want that!

So, being too reckless with cleaning jewellery can cost you your fortune. So, try to avoid it.


  •  Getting your silk thread necklace, clear! 

The silk thread necklaces are a big catch these days. Every second person owns one. What's the best thing about them is that they are very convenient to maintain and can easily be washed. You just have to give it a good and esy rinse in warm soapy water. 

When done, just lay it ona a table or hang it to get it to dry quickly. Or, if you're in a hurry and missing on the occasion, just pick up the iron and straighten the silk part out.


  • If you want to preserve it, store it properly! 

So far we have figured out the ways to get the dirt off your jewellery. But what if the grime is so stubborn that it does not come off? You are screwed! 

Unless… . , you figure out the right manner to store your jewellery. Think about it, if you keep it properly, it would be just as nice and clean as it was when you bought it. 

Sometimes, we do forget that the jewellery we are wearing actually cost us a fortune. So, we end up being careless. We sometimes even leave it lying in our bathrooms without realizing that it's a blunder. Humid places sully the jewellery at a faster pace. So, try and avoid such an act. If the places that you visit are specifically humid, you need to take extra care of the cleaning and caring of the jewellery. 

On the contrary, if you own a jewellery in precious metal, you must store it at a distance from flowing air. This will help prevent the accumulation of dust. Store it in a snuggly pouch  or a foam made jewellery box. 

If you're fond of flaunting your jewellery, you must also be ready for a little bit of extra work. You might have to keep a vigilant eye on them and clean more often. 

If you follow these basic and not too heavy steps, you most definitely will have sparkling jewellery for generations to come.

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