Unique engagement rings to strengthen your vow of forever together


Unique diamond engagement rings to make your engagement memorable.

" u cannot blend in when you are born to stand out."

Worried about your upcoming engagement? like everyone else, you might also want to do something different for your partner. Especially in your engagement day. then why not present your partner with the most beautiful and unique piece of diamond engagement rings. Something she would never like to take off her hands.  Let's have a tour through the collection of most handsome and unique engagement rings. Stand out of the crowd by presenting these top latest design engagement rings.

1. Halo setting unique diamond rings.

When it comes to uniqueness then why not start with the style that’s simple yet classy. This halo setting diamond engagement rings will drive your constant attention if you are looking for a perfect simple engagement ahead. In this style, the center stone is kept larger than all other surrounding diamonds. The encircling diamonds add to the glaze and beauty of the ever-shining larger one.

 halo setting diamond ring
the unique design of halo setting diamond rings.

The uniqueness of this holo setting diamond is its band. It has a double band structure with accent stone all over the band and its shoulder. the crown of the ring has a colorless shinning huge diamond that imparts the beauty to the ring. Another exceptional conscious change made in the crafting is the removal of claws. Instead of claws, the circular band wraps the centerpiece of a diamond. The bands are covered with numerous tiny diamonds which adds to the effect produced by the center one.


unique diamond engagement ring

now the real question is. why this might be your best engagement ring?

And the answer is quite simple. If you are looking for something different and unique but still want it all simple and elegant then this is the end of your search.


2.tension setting unique engagement rings :

With the changing fashion trends, there is no better engagement ring that the trendy tension style rings. This engagement ring contains two bands holding the diamond in between them. Hence allowing a complete focus on the center. This is done so that the beauty of the ring is solely defined by the centerpiece.


tension style unique diamond engagement ring

unique tension set engagement ring with colorless diamonds


The unique tension set ring stands out from others of the same kind due to its center stone. The centerpiece is small but drags all the attention towards itself.  Band of the ring is filled with even smaller stones with a dazzling shine. The shoulder of the ring is modified in such a way that it is visible from the top view and makes the centerpiece more prominent.


best tension style diamond rings

Gifting an engagement ring to your life partner will be memorable.  Then why not make it remarkable with this trendy, glamorous, and elegant ring that she is going to wear for the rest of her life. Try it out the results are gonna be significant.

3.cluster setting unique engagement rings:

This kind of diamond is just wow for a statement piece because it features a cluster of small diamond pieces as the centerpiece. the shape of such a ring depends upon the choice of the jeweler. But whatever the choice is it never fails to come up with perfect shine




Cluster setting rings beauty is majorly defined by the shape of the cluster. yeah, the shape might be anything but it needs to be attractive. and whats more attractive engagement ring shape than the flower. This flower shaped engagement ring has tiny diamonds that together contribute to the beauty just like your relationship with her.




there is no need to define the beauty of this ring in your hand. The picture defines it all. the size of your hand does not matter. This ring can add on to the beauty of any shape and size of the finger.

4.unique colored engagement rings:

The uniqueness doesn't just depend on the shape and arrangement of diamonds in a ring. It also depends on the type of diamond used. Colored diamonds are rare masterpieces made by nature. The rarer its availability the unique it becomes.



The uniqueness of this ring is not just the color of the diamond but also the shape in which it is cut. It takes a lot of professional skills to cut diamond in a rectangular shape. The band of the ring is thin and simple. Creating all the emphasis on the diamond. The shoulders of the diamond are thick to support the beauty of the rectangular diamond piece.




yellow might not be favorite color. but this piece of art by nature is going to blow your mind. and if you are a yellow lover then this is the goal ring of yours that you have been finding for months.

5.halo setting rings with a colored band:



This unique engagement ring has its name for the size of the centerpiece. The equal attractive crafting of centerpiece and band makes it desirable. The band is plated with a golden color that supplements the shine of the small diamonds on the band.




The diamond's clone and the gallery are also fitted with diamonds so that not only the top but also the side view is perfect. This is the perfect piece for your engagement if you are looking for simple but colored rings.

other unique engagement rings:
top diamong engagement rings the best simple and elegant diamond engagement ring for your loved one[/caption]


Strengthen your vow of forever together through these unique pieces of engagement ring. Giving a piece of a diamond may not be enough for the strength of any relationship but it will show your love and care for her in the most amazing way. Which in turn will bring trust and strength in your relationship.




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