How to take measurements for rings at home

Your precious rings don't just have a significance in your life, but are pretty significant to history too. It is believed that the first ones to use rings were Egyptians. They have been using it as early as 3000 BCE. According to their culture, they made rings by braiding fibres and stalks into the shape of a circle. Eventually this ritual became a precursor of the benevolent love that two people share, in almost every culture. 

The hole of the circular shape of the ring is a symbol of the entrance to their future alongside their beloved. According to the culture, the groom places the ring on the bride's finger to convey his confidence in her and their eternal love.

Some things to help you measure better

Before heading towards the ways in which you can measure your finger, here are some precursory tips for you to learn.

  • Consider the size of your knuckle. 

If you realize that your knuckle is somewhere on the larger side, do not order the exact measurement. Instead of that, order a bigger size to avoid any inconvenience in the long run. Because, you know, this ring will stay with you forever.

  • Make sure of the accuracy. 

Your ring must  have a snugly fit on your finger snugly on your finger. It's fit should be such that It slides smoothly and doesn't even come off easily. It should be comfortable so that you can wear It in all walks of life. 

Clearly  none of us is a pro at doing this task. So, it is always recommended for you to measure the size several times. Take the measurement three to four times. Then, jot all of them down. See, what's the most recurring one. Bam! You've got the right size. This, you saved a whole load of money that you'd have spent in getting it resized later on.

  • Temperature can do marvels. 

The fluctuations in temperature can lead to a fluctuation in your finger's size too. Warm weather may make your finger swell and cold winter may make it shrink at the same time. You may want to measure the size of your finger in warm temperature. This is because the size of the finger is the greatest this time. This, you get the perfect ring size to fit you in every season.

  • Remember the style of your ring

Rings that are comparatively wider in built require a bigger size. When we say wide, we mean rings of about 6mm. These rings give way to the band to occupy more space. To make your ring size perfect, add about 0.25 - 0.5 mm extra. 

Like, you could go for 7.25 or probably 7.5 if the original size of your ring is 7 mm. Sometimes, some designs are such that it's a real pain to resize the ring. Sometimes, they even lose their original beauty after being resized. That is why it's better to get the right size in the beginning itself. 

These were all the precursory tips you need to keep in mind while taking the measure. They may appear to be petty but are really crucial. If missed, the ring size can go horribly wrong, leaving you with a ring that doesn't fit. Also, what most people lack while measuring ring size is patience. You need to take the reading very patiently so that you get it right. After all, this is an investment of a lifetime. You don't want this to mess up. 

The methods that can be used to measure your right ring size. 

When it comes to measuring your ring size, you might think; " How hard can it be? I've measured plenty of circumferences till class X". Well, news for you folks; it isn't as easy as it is to measure the circumference of a circle that you drew on a paper! 

Your fingers yo-yo big and small every now and then, without you even realizing it. A dig into a good cheesy pizza may swell your ring while a dip and a few strokes in a pool may shrink it. You must make peace with the fact that the size of your finger won't stay the same. So, what you need now is, the right guidance into this task of measuring your ring size. If you do exactly as told, there's no doubt that you'll get it right. So, without any further adieu, let's get started. 

A piece of string to get the right size for your ring! 

If you're fond of keeping teeth in your smile, most definitely you floss. Now, this floss will help you figure out the size of your ring too. Simply tying the floss string around your finger is quite a convenient and easy way to get the right measure.

Things you'll need:

  • Single string of the dental floss 
  •  a ruler with measure marking on it. (Preferably on centimeters) 
  • a pen or maybe a pin to mark the right measure. 

Steps to do it. 

To avoid any size change, maybe choose the afternoon time between your meals. This is the most ideal time of the day because your fingers are the largest now.

  • Take the string and wrap it around your ring finger. Fasten it so that it fits. 
  •  Use your marker to mark a dot where the string is overlapping. If you're using a pin, put it on the overlapping. 
  • Using the ruler and your sixth standard knowledge, measure the length of the string. You're good to go! In case you do not have a ruler with millimeters marked on it, use  an online measurement converter to convert it into inches. 
Head's up !
  • If your string or floss is too flexible, it's imperative for you to keep in mind not to make it too tight. If pulled too tight, you might end up getting a smaller size. 
  • Do not forget to use such a marker or pen that has a pinpoint. If the ink blots or the marker's mark is too wide, you won't get an accurate measure.
  • Strings can stretch, rings cannot, Even after the completion of the entire process, it may turn out to be slightly less accurate than trying on a ring. If you're looking for precision, you might want to skip this one. 

Use a ring to prepare another! 

One way to pull such a herculean task is to measure your available rings that already fit you fine. If you're worried about not knowing what size they are, no need to sweat it. You just have to grab that ring of yours and use that life size ring chart. You just have to compare your ring size with it and you'll know what size is your finger. 

Things you'll need: 

  •  The ring from your vanity box that fits you the best. 
  • The Life size ring chart that's mentioned below. 
  • Pen/ pencil

Now, as we promised, here's the life size chart! 

Steps to do it. 

  • Take a printout of the ring size chart and get your ring ready. 
  • Keep your ring over each of the circles one by one. 
  • With the help of the pen/ pencil, try to match the inner side of your ring with the circles. 
  • Once you find the right size of the circle, just double it up. Now, you're good to go. 

Head's up!

The success of this method depends on your skill of judgement. That means that it can only be accurate if you've chosen  the right size of the ring and compared with the circles accurately. 

Free trial to find the correct size! 

Although for most of the rings, it's easy and affordable to get them re- sized. However, you may face a whole bounty of difficulty in getting a certain variety of rings resized. In such cases, there's a big risk of loosing the original charm of the ring entirely. So, it's always for the best to approach your service providers for free home trials of rings. 

Tight or not, how do we tell? 

Just think! What will happen if your ring just slips off your finger? What if you're never able to trace it back? Damn, you're screwed! 

This is a nightmare lived by ninety percent of women. That's precisely why most of us would rather go for a tight fitting ring instead of a loose one. But then, how tight should it be? If it's too tight it's going to affect your blood flow and instead of making your hand glow, it'll make it look pale and blue. If things get worse, you might find yourself in a hospital, getting your very precious ring being cut off your finger. 

Now that's getting weirdly awkward and terrifying. So, let's get to the part where we figure out the solution. Here are three things that you can do.

  • And we twist! 

You may feel that if your ring can spin on your finger, it can be annoying. But, it's only right if you can twist it both ways, clockwise and anticlockwise without employing much effort. If your ring fails to twist, it's too tight.

  • Take it out! 

If you face a difficulty in taking your ring out, you most definitely need it resized. Try to slip your ring using ice, cream, oil or any other thing that might make it slip. And then, try to pull it out gently without hurting yourself. You can always use a floss as well. If you still face a problem, you really need to visit the doctor without delay.

  • If it lays flat on your finger, it's design is not proper. 

If you want your ring to fit you properly, it must be snugly. But, at the same time, they must not squeeze your finger. If you see your skin ballooning, clearly it's very small. 

And that's how we get the best fit for you while you're just sitting comfortably at your home. Follow any of the above mentioned methods and you shall be able to find your right size. Have fun and embrace just the beauty of your ring without being embarrassed because of a clumsy fit! 

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